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Ruivo vs. Barrichello

After a series of commercials where the red-headed guy interacted with a few Brazilian celebrities, we had the idea to tap Vivo's 4G speed by having him getting across with Rubens Barrichello, Brazilian former F1 race driver that has a reputation for, well, not being that fast. Barrichello was one of the coolest and more confident guys ever by accepting our invitation to make fun of himself. The spots turned out to be hugely successful in the country, becoming a topic in conversations.

CREDITS // CW Julio D'Alfonso AD Felipe Pavani CD Rui Branquinho DIRECTORS Quico Meirelles, Fernando Meirelles


Recognition //

Profissionais do Ano 2015 TV Globo - Finalist - Nacional (Prestigious Brazilian Award)

Trofeu Imprensa 2015 (Brazilian press award)